Breaking Bad Habits

Everyone hates bad habits, and yet no one can get rid of them. Some are unnecessary and unattractive while others hinder you from completing day-to-day tasks. Many people want to get rid of their bad habits but find it too hard to quit. Need to combat some common habits you can’t shake? Here are some tips that might help.

Tessa Miller, Social Media Chair

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Procrastination is a habit that students are often familiar with. When given a period of time to complete a task, many find themselves instead doing something else such as scrolling through social media or hanging out with friends. Though Tiffany Jones, sophomore, is guilty of procrastinating, she’s made steps to break the habit.

I usually set a reminder on my phone or write it down in a planner. Then I try to get it done as soon as I can,” said Jones.

However, according to Jones, this doesn’t always work.

I’m just lazy in getting things done that I wait until the last moment to do it,” said Jones.

When trying to quit procrastination, start slow. Block out the distractions that are preventing work and focus on what is needed to be done. Regard anything you’d rather do as more motivation to finish your task and save it until after you’re done.

Those who struggle with nail-biting usually start the habit young. Sometimes it’s because of nerves and other times it’s because of boredom, but either way, nail-biting can get excessive. It can also be dangerous to an extent as it allows bacteria from your fingers to get into your mouth. Amelia Rios-Van Saun, junior, admits to having this habit.

It started as just the usual little kid thing but turns out it’s from anxiety and being bored,” said Rios-Van Suan.I’ve put nail polish on to get rid of my habit. It worked until the nail polish came off.”

If you’re struggling with nail-biting, try to cut your nails short so there is nothing to bite off. Consider a manicure; nail polish is unpleasant and it can also strengthen your nails. If nerves are what keeps this habit going, use the internet to discover stress coping strategies or try an alternative action to calm those nerves.

Running late is an unfortunate habit that can affect the rest of your day. Kaylynn Steffen, sophomore, is familiar to the time crunch struggle.

Sometimes I try to wake up early so I’m not rushed trying to get to school on time but I hate getting up in the morning,” said Steffen.

Students like Steffen who drive themselves to school aren’t held as accountable to leave on time. When running late turns into a daily occurrence it can be a very hard habit to break.

If sleepiness is holding you back from being punctual, consider going to bed a little early. Getting more sleep usually makes it easier to wake up the next day. Get up right away instead of reaching for your cellphone and lingering in bed. By the time it’s time to leave for school or work, those extra minutes you saved might even result in an early arrival.

Ever struggle with having a bad attitude or continuous negative thoughts? Pessimism is a habit that can harshly affect the mood of life. Maison Allen, junior, is aware of the negative effects this habit can have.

“It’s hard for me to stop [thinking negatively] because there are those days where everything is going great and then there’s that one thing that just makes it go downhill from there,” said Allen.

For others struggling with the same issue, Allen suggests considering a new mindset.

“It’s all about my attitude and motivation. I need to be less negative to myself and tell myself that I can do this,” said Allen.

Although bad habits are hard to get rid of, having one is not the end-all-be-all. With effort and perseverance, any bad habit can be broken.