Evolution of Nicknames

Hannah Siems, Reporter

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High School can be a tough four years for everyone because students are trying to find themselves and what friend group they belong to, but once they do, friends become close and can sometimes create nicknames for one another. Child Research Net says, “Adolescent years are particularly stressful. The identity of the adolescent comes under assault and is in question as a part of this process of growing up. Having an unwanted nickname should be avoided. Contrary to the old rhyme, ‘Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can sometimes hurt you.” People all over the world get nicknames from their family or close friends. Sometimes people love their nickname while others hate theirs. Nicknames can stay for the rest of someone’s life, or it could be changed over time.

“I was given the nickname ‘Red’ when I was 6 years old in gymnastics because there were too many Jennifers in my class. Our coach renamed us all. The nickname Red stuck with me all the way through college gymnastics (because I went to the same college as some of my older club teammates). Besides my family, I was pretty much called Red until I graduated college at 22. It never really bothered me,” said Mrs. Naughton, a counselor at Liberty High School.

Nicknames are a fun way to boost people’s confidence. For instance, I have had my nickname Hannah Banana ever since I was little. I am 17 years old and I still get called that by family and now friends. I love the nickname I have because its a play on words and it just makes me smile. 

Gracie Carr, a freshman, gets called Bub by her friends.

“I think it’s funny when they say it and makes me feel good,” said Carr.

A nickname reflects how others view the person’s name.

“It makes my name easier for people who haven’t met me yet,” said Gianna Smith, junior.

For students who have a lengthy name, a nickname tells their teachers more about them. However, a name can stay with a person for a lifetime and can even define certain elements of life for them. Nicknames should be a positive impact on someone’s life instead of being a negative one.