Prom is for Promenade

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Prom is for Promenade

Carley Spading, Reporter

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Liberty High is rolling out the red carpet this year for prom with the theme “A Night with the Stars.” With prom committee at Liberty only in its second year, there are lots of unknowns, as well as room to grow.

“I think it’s gonna be a pretty typical prom,” said Nolan Frey, junior, “but hopefully it’s fun and we find a way to make students have a good time.”

Frey is a member of the small but dedicated prom committee, which consists of juniors and seniors who are invested in working on Liberty High’s 2019 prom. Items under their jurisdiction include theme, decor, and food. They have been meeting about once a week during Liberty Time since February.

“Students on the committee get to help organize and decide a theme for prom, decor, help with wristband sales, and meet on occasion to discuss plans for prom night.” said Tristan Sievers, junior class representative. Sievers is the head of the prom committee, and she has the final say on what goes and what doesn’t.

“I get students interested and involved in the planning and decorating process.  I set up meetings, get students ideas together, rent or reserve things needed for prom and organize things from chaperones to sales of prom tickets.” said Sievers.

“We have a lot more students being able to go,” said Frey. “Since we actually have a junior class, there will be people coming here instead of [juniors and seniors] going to the other proms.” Liberty’s 2018-2019 junior and senior classes are approximately twice the size of the previous school year, which means more tickets and more fun.

“There will be red carpet, bright lights, and paparazzi. Students will be able to request songs ahead of time and be able to enjoy prom in our own beautiful building.” said Sievers.