Problems of Having Two Lunches

Students opinions on the negatives to switching to two lunches.

September 12, 2019

The new lunch system has made some people happy, although many people are not. However, with time it has gotten a bit better. It is not as chaotic as it was for the first three days of the year. The switch to two lunches has made many question the purpose and what benefits it offers. 

“We made the switch to two lunches because last year three lunches interrupted [some] class[es],” stated Justin Colbert, assistant principal. 

There are some people that have gotten on board with the idea of two lunches. 

  Max Tafolla, junior, said, “I thought it was stupid at first, but when we learned that it was because they didn’t want to interrupt a class, I realized it was reasonable.” 

And still, many students are unhappy with the change.

“I don’t like it because there are a million people in one lunch and it is very hard to get through the lines.  [Sometimes] you can’t even sit with your friends,” said Gabby Brecht, sophomore.

Talking with these people has opened my eyes. I used to think that the change was insane, asking questions such as “why did we do this? Why is this a thing? Why did we ever switch?”. After learning why we made the switch to two lunches, I understand why we did it, but I still prefer having three lunches. Last year when I did have B lunch, the break in the middle of class kinda served as a needed break in the school day. 

With three lunches, people always had room to sit with who they want. Because of the change, some people aren’t able to sit with their friends, as the lunch room is too crowded. Last year, you figured out who you were going to sit with within the first two days. 

Now it feels like a race to even get a table. You are watching the clock for the last three minutes of class to make sure when the bell rings that you have everything packed up and you can get to the lunchroom to get a spot or a table. 

I understand where  Colbert is coming from by not wanting to interrupt a class. Although, when we did have a test or quiz, we would take the whole test and then go to C lunch. When we didn’t have a test or quiz, the teachers would teach us the lessons  they were teaching that day, and then we would go to lunch. When we came back, we would work on the assigned homework.. Because of this, many students did hope for B lunch and enjoyed the split class period. 

When there were three lunches, a lot of people hoped for B lunch because of the break in the day. In some ways. I do miss having three lunches, but I know why they did switch it to only two. I understand that they don’t want to break up a class and interrupt a class, but three lunches made the day seem to go faster, especially if you had a fourth period class you liked to be in. I know the switch to only two lunches made some people unhappy but we can live with it. we are still being fed lunch and we are still getting food. We can deal with two lunches, it isn’t the end of the world.

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