What I Wish I Knew: How Do You Study, Buddy?

The switch from junior high to high school can be intimidating, so it’s important for Liberty freshmen to develop study habits that will continue helping them well beyond high school. 

September 22, 2019

High school is a brand new playing field compared to junior high. The activities are more developed, the halls are more crowded, and the bathrooms look like the Taj Mahal. One would think it would also be safe to assume that the classes get much harder. This may be true for some classes, but it doesn’t have to be. High school is designed to be as challenging as the students make it (within reason), but this doesn’t mean that they are required to take three AP courses every year to be successful. 

“The workload definitely increased from junior high, but I was able to brace for the impact. My parents and all my friends that were in high school were all talking about how I would have so much homework, it’s honestly less than I would have thought,” said Max Thompson, freshman.

The workload definitely increased from junior high, but I was able to brace for the impact.”

— Max Thompson

Homework loads for each student vary depending on the classes a student takes and the pace which they set for themselves. AP and honors level courses are a few steps above the basic core classes, so naturally, they require more effort from the student. This may also mean more hours must be dedicated to that class outside of school. 

When a student finds they need to spend some extra time reviewing certain subjects, it is important to realize that they are only human, and they can’t force information into their brains the day before the test. Cramming is a method of studying that temporarily floods the brain with information without true understanding.

According to the BBC, students tend not to actually learn the content, instead just trying to memorize it word for word, which is just bad practice. It’s most beneficial to relax, take as much time as needed to prepare, and focus. It wouldn’t hurt to plan ahead as soon as the test and quiz days are announced. 

Time management is an important skill that some students have more problems getting the hang of than others. Students should know when assignments are due so that they don’t fall behind. Completing homework within a time constraint can be difficult as some students move at a faster pace than others, but using the school-issued planner and setting limits is the key to academic success at home. 

Using resources provided by the school district can be a huge help if ‘traditional’ studying doesn’t work. 

“I normally don’t study unless I really don’t understand the material, [but] this is a habit I’m trying to break. If I am studying then I will look over notes from class or use a Quizlet the teacher has made,” said Thompson. 

Options like Quizlet and Flashcard Factory offer students a fun way to learn and really understand the material without needing to cram. Students can use Quizlet at their own pace and either choose a pre-made set of materials or they can create their own with their own definitions and explanations. 

Becoming a student at Liberty is exciting in all aspects. No matter how one chooses to spend their time, academics always come first. Whether at home, at school, or on the go, it’s important to stay motivated and stay organized and developing study habits that work will take students a long way. 


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