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In the first edition of The Bolt Advice column, run entirely by the students, reporter Megan Quinn will be answering anonymous questions submitted on an online form by students. 

Bolt Advice

In the third edition of The Bolt Advice column, run entirely by the students, reporter Megan Quinn will answer anonymous questions submitted on an online form by students.

January 4, 2022

“Why do some seniors get angry when freshmen park in “their” parking lot? Are the parking lots actually grouped/separated by age? Or is it an unspoken/unofficial sort of thing?”

It seems like this year, the idea of ‘seniority’ has been very apparent, which means when ‘people are placed in a higher position solely based on age.’ From my perspective, Liberty doesn’t really value seniority like other schools. So, it seems like, Liberty seniors have to make their own rules when it comes to seniority. One of these ‘rules’ is saving the main student parking lot to the upperclassmen. However, this ‘rule’ isn’t enforced by the school. According to the parking arrangement photo, students can park wherever they want in the student lots. As a sophomore, I think this unofficial expectation is unrealistic, if a freshman had to come to school early, they shouldn’t have to park in the farther student lot when the closest one is empty. Maybe when I’m a senior I’ll appreciate it more but in the meantime, students should be able to park in whatever parking lot they want to. 


I’ve had C lunch since my freshman year and we still continue to get scraps. I know there’s food but by the end of two lunches, C is left with basically nothing. I’ve tried to bring this up to school administrators but they don’t seem to care. What do you think I should do?”

I know a lot of people who have shared this concern too. In terms of having enough food to last through the day, I would suggest bringing snacks from home in addition to the school lunch. It doesn’t even have to be something you prepare, it can just be an apple and some goldfish. If that doesn’t seem like that’s working, you can ask your counselor if you can switch lunches next trimester. 


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