Bolt Advice – Season 2 Episode 1



Here are some answers to the questions asked this week! If you have a question be sure to ask Bolt Advice!


How to use the school Wi-Fi without it sucking?

School Wi-Fi can be a pain. My first recommendation is to make sure you’re connected to ICCSD-Secure instead of ICCSD-Guest. The Secure Wi-Fi is way better than the Guest Wi-Fi. Another recommendation would be to try to use data if you have data that works. A VPN app could also help with certain things.


What do I do if I’m out sick for a few days and can’t catch up on what I missed in school?

Liberty teachers are usually pretty patient with late work. It can take some time to catch up, especially if you have a job, sports, or other activities, but most of the teachers are understanding and will take assignments late because they know it can be difficult. To catch up quicker, I recommend spending any free time in classes doing work. Even if you only have five minutes, those five minutes add up over time. I also suggest taking advantage of Liberty Time. If you usually leave for Liberty Time, it could be beneficial to stay for a few days to talk to teachers if you need help, and catch up on work. Don’t overdo it on catching up. It’s very easy to get burnt out when you’re catching up on school work, and rushing through it could also make the quality of the work worse, which could result in a worse grade.


How weird is it to go to Prom as an underclassmen? If you got invited as a freshman or sophomore, would you go?

If it were me and I had older friends that I knew would be at Prom, I’d totally go! I know in the past there have definitely been freshmen and sophomores at Prom. As long as you think you’ll have fun, go for it!


For years I have dreamed of making music, I have listened to album upon album dreaming about the stage. The only problem is that I am always too scared to show others the things I work on in fear that the lyrics are too cliche or my vocals sound like ****. How do I get taken seriously abt this?
– future artist

My best advice is to just not listen to anyone who would judge you. Real friends and supporters will support your music no matter what, and ALL artists have people who don’t like their music. If you’ve made it in the music industry, there will definitely be “haters” but it’s best to focus on yourself and your fans. Another piece of advice I have is to talk to other artists! I know Liberty has other students who make and release music who could be good mentors for a future artist.

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