Out with the Old, In with the New

Just like every other high school, Liberty is finally starting their online paper, while waiting to do the second tri paper.

Haley Wojciechowski, Business Manager

The Live Wire staff have started Liberty’s first ever online newspaper. After finishing the first hard copy of the paper, we are taking the time to move into a more modern form of journalism. We are using the website SNO, standing for Student Newspaper Organization, to host our content.

SNO is the most popular and highly-rated student online newspaper website. It’s used by many colleges and universities as well as both West and City High.

Sno, though highly praised, can be challenging to work with when no one knows how to use it. Ashley Cunningham, journalism teacher, has been doing her best to teach herself how to use this website.

“I’ve never used the site before, I know very little about it. So there’s a big learning curve with this,” said Cunningham. “It is kind of complicated. You can’t just sit down and figure it out in one sitting.”

Grace Brusegaard, editor-in-chief, has been by her side trying to get it up and running.

“I know the basics because of Foundations of Journalism at West. We were taught how to upload pictures, articles, embed codes, and place infographics,” said Brusegaard. “Though I’ve never actually put everything on a website under specific categories, I am excited to learn.”

While Cunningham and Brusegaard have been working hard to figure out the website, the rest of the staff have been busily writing articles to post. Having an online paper will help the staff members put out timely publications about recent topics.

“One thing I would like to [write about] is the play because by the time our next newspaper comes out the play would’ve been over for two months,” explained Cunningham.

Despite the struggles of working with SNO, the mood of the staff has not been dampened.

“I’m really excited about starting the online paper because it’s expanding our newspaper program here at liberty,” said Piper Koski, managing editor.

“My staff is second to none, and I would put them up against any other staff on willingness to try new things, but we have very [minimal] training on how to do this,” said Cunningham. “It’s going to be a learning curve for everyone. We didn’t know how to build a paper or newspaper last year and we figured it out, so we will figure this out as we go as well.”

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