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The autumn advantage

Autumn offers more than what meets the eye, and it starts with business strategies.
Excitement for the fall season changes business practices and consumer behaviors.
Excitement for the fall season changes business practices and consumer behaviors.

Autumn is often a time of prosperity for businesses. While many associate the season with pumpkin spice and sweaters, there’s much more than what meets the eye. The beautiful leaves, cozy weather, and crisp air create a unique atmosphere leaving customers feeling nostalgic.

Colony Acres, located in North Liberty, is a farm with a variety of activities. It has a fall harvest, hayrack rides and delicious apple cider slushies. Colony Acres typically starts to see their business pick up during the second through the fourth weeks of October, according to Katie Colony, an owner of Colony Acres. 

Fall foliage drives people to scenic locations. Businesses that adapt and create experiences that embrace the season’s unique charm could see substantial profits. One of the ways Colony Acres does this is through their hayrack rides.  

“People drive by Colony Acres on a daily basis and don’t even realize there’s a farm there, so being able to go out on the hayrack ride and go out and see the backside of our farm, that they might not even realize is there, is probably one thing that people really like, and I enjoy that we can stay a farm where we’re at,” Colony said. 

Although Colony Acres is most popular in the fall, they are also open in the winter. The recent grand opening of their new space ‘The Market’ brings in visitors throughout the year. ‘The Market’ is a barn full of Colony Acres’ best items like freshly baked goods, a variety of merchandise and much more. 

“We are trying to expand on our seasons. We sell pre-cut Christmas trees starting the Friday after Thanksgiving. Now that we have a new building, we have a number of retail items in our market space, so that will be open outside of Halloween time as well,” Colony said. 

While Colony Acres is popular amongst all ages, it is a common place for teens to seek employment. Emma Pirkl, 9, a seasonal worker explained her enthusiasm for why she chose to work at Colony Acres. 

“Me and my mom always garden, so [I thought that] picking pumpkins and stuff like that would be a good job [to have],” Pirkl said. 

Besides the regular fall businesses, lots of other businesses flourish during this time as well. 

Cara Flynn, co-owner of ‘Joe’s Place,’ a popular sports bar located in downtown Iowa City, noted this pattern.

 “We have a steady business throughout the summer, but I would say we start to really see it gear up significantly right after Labor Day,” Flynn noted.

The proximity of Joe’s Place to Kinnick Stadium is a valuable component of their increased business, especially on home football Saturdays. As the summer months wind down, consumer behavior shifts and businesses like Joe’s Place experience a notable uptick in activity. 

“We see about 4,000 people walk through our doors instead of the usual Saturday, which is closer to 1,000-1,500. Sales more than double from a regular Saturday to a football Saturday… if kick-off is at 11 a.m., tables and bar tops are full from 10-2 p.m.,” Flynn said. 

This extended period of full-house activity showcases the dedication of football fans. 

The autumn season offers a unique time for businesses to thrive, whether through seasonal products, marketing creativity, or outdoor experiences. By embracing the spirit of autumn, businesses can build stronger connections with customers. Though the leaves continue to fall, the opportunities for businesses continue to grow and prosper.

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