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Options after high school

There are many post-graduation options for Liberty students to explore. Here are what some current Liberty students plan on doing.
Students work hard for their future, but many still ask what they should do after graduation.
Mimi Marquardt
Students work hard for their future, but many still ask what they should do after graduation.

Students at high schools all throughout the country study for tests hoping that one day their work will pay off and get them to college. Around 58% will end up following the crowd to attend the college closest to their hometown. While there’s nothing wrong with this choice, students making a decision that will set the trajectory for the rest of their lives based on not knowing all their options is concerning. 

Four-year college out-of-state

While experiencing new things can be scary, it is a necessary part of growing up. Starting in college by living in a new place with new people is a common way of getting this kind of an experience.

Eno Ituk, 12, is still deciding between a few different out of state schools, but has been set for years on exactly what she wants to do at whatever college she ends up at. She plans on majoring in molecular biology on a pre-dental track. This choice is typically daunting for most but she mentioned how she was able to narrow down so easily by getting experience at a young age. 

“When I was younger, I attended a lot of STEM camps at the University of Iowa, which I think helped further my interest,” said Ituk. 

Having known what she’s wanted to do since seventh grade, all that was left was where she would go to get this education. She does plan on potentially coming back to Iowa eventually, but for now she is ready to leave the state to experience something new at a top college. 

Two-year college 

For those either looking to earn their associates degree or save some money, a two-year college is a great option. Bridget Canton, 12, is planning on attending and running cross country/track at NIACC (North Iowa Area Community College) in the fall. After her two years at NIACC she plans to attend the University of Iowa to further her studies in nursing pediatrics. 

“They [NIACC] offered me a scholarship, so I was like, might as well get my core classes done with and then I get two experiences for two different colleges,” Canton said. 

Trade school

Trade schools usually focus on training for a specific kind of job and usually last for less than two years. The program would typically include more hands-on work rather than the general education courses that most colleges offer. This makes it so that students can get the entry level education that they need for their chosen profession, and then finish up the training in the job. This overall saves students not only time but also money, and can lead to careers as a technician, mechanic, practical nurse, and more. 

College athletics at a four-year college

For high school student-athletes looking to continue their athletic career in college, getting recruited for their sport can be a great option for a variety of reasons. One that tends to be the most appealing is, depending on what level they’re interested in playing at, they can potentially receive numerous scholarships.

Maya Marquardt, 12, plans to attend and play soccer at Grinnell College in the fall. 

She described the benefits of this choice. “Playing soccer in college allows me to stay fit and still stay involved in a passion of mine while sort of automatically including me in a group of friends.”  


For students looking for fulfillment outside of education, joining the military is an option that requires more careful thought, but can lead to many benefits for students that decide to take that route. The military can teach young adults many life lessons, especially about discipline, and can also mean an opportunity to travel around the world and develop a sense of purpose. In many cases, once someone has served their term they are provided with financial benefits like: college tuition coverage, retirement benefits, and more. 

The options for students after high school are endless, just doing a little bit of research can reveal information about less conventional options that can turn out to be very appealing for the graduates. From attending a four year college to traveling the world, there’s opportunities everywhere.

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