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Gloom before bloom

This season’s overcast and rainy weather has affected many Liberty students. With warmer weather just around the corner, many are in need of sunshine.
To escape gloomy weather, students Ella Gilbert, 12, and Ellie Martinez, 12, go to spots like Wilson’s Orchard.
Ellie Martinez
To escape gloomy weather, students Ella Gilbert, 12, and Ellie Martinez, 12, go to spots like Wilson’s Orchard.

Spring was welcomed this year with cold and rainy weather, with little spurts of warm days in between. Iowa weather is typically very up and down. According to, the biggest temperature change in a 24-hour period happened in 2013 in Sioux City, with a low of -2 and a high of 62; a whole 65-degree jump. Clearly, it is not unusual for the state to experience this fluctuating weather. So far, this April has had a low of 27 degrees and a high of 86 degrees. The beginning of the month had a singular day with 2.14 inches of precipitation, along with rain every few days. Iowa seems to have an unforeseeable pattern: one day could be windy with pouring cold rain, and the next could be sunny, tanning weather. 

This weather variability can have a big effect on students’ productivity or mood. Is there such a thing as “perfect” weather, or are there drawbacks to both the hot and cold?

For Laney Robbins, 12, the recent cold and rainy weather has negatively impacted how she feels. 

“During the spring, cold and windy days really throw me off. I think that spring days should be warm and sunny when they’re not, it puts me in a bad mood,” she said. 

Sometimes, the days may feel dark and long, which can cause some to have decreased productivity. The lack of light may make some people sleepier. According to, melatonin is released in response to darkness, which facilitates sleep. The overcasted days can cause people to become sleepy in school, unwilling to do their work. 

“When it’s cold or rainy I find myself tired and wanting to stay in more. I feel unmotivated,” Robbins said. 

Cold days draw people inside. Laying down and watching a movie, curled up in a blanket, may feel more enticing than sitting through a day of school. 

“Especially during the winter months when the sun goes down so early, I just want to relax and sleep. It’s really hard for me to get things done during the winter,” Robbins added.

Although, not all students find the cold, rainy days negative; some get motivated by it. 

“[Rainy weather] calms my mood so it allows me to focus more on my task at hand,” Brooklyn Wheeler, 9, said. 

On the other hand, summer-like weather during the school year can deter students from doing work.

“Sunny weather makes me want to do nothing but be in the nice weather and hang out with my friends, while the winter has me staying inside getting my work done because I’d rather not be outside,” Wheeler said. 

Ella Gilbert, 12, also agrees that it can be difficult to be motivated in school with sunlight. 

 “I think that it’s harder to get things done in school when it’s really nice outside. I feel like I’m missing out on all of the fun things I could be doing outside when I have to be in school during nice days, so that makes it harder to be productive,” she said. 

Overall, without the temptation to go outside and do other activities, work productivity can increase.

Although, not everyone agrees that worse weather is better for their motivation or energy levels. Robbins had a different take on this. 

Robbins said, “Hot and sunny weather is my favorite. My mood is relaxed, I am more outgoing, and overall a happier person,”

There may be some differences in whether people feel the need to place their energy in school or in activities, but overall there is a common agreement that cold weather is a mood ruiner. 

Gilbert said, “I absolutely hate being cold, so it’s nice to not have to deal with that at all in the summer.”

May, shown by, is expected to be rainy and cloudy for the first two weeks, but also a lot of big temperature jumps from day to day. Many students hope this gloomy weather passes soon and summer can welcome with full sunshine.

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