Liberty Clubs: Looking for Something New?

Finding trouble getting involved at school? Liberty High has many clubs that are open to students. If you’re looking for friends with similar interests, seeking a chance to be a leader, or just need something to do, there are new clubs that could be what you’re looking for. Sparkles, gaming club, lunge club, and S.L.A.P. are just a few new clubs that have been added this year.

Tessa Miller, Social Media Chair

Lunge Club

Lunge Club started by Austin Pink, assistant football coach, meets every single day. Students lunge for 400 meters around the track without any false steps or skipping lunges. According to Max Beckman, freshman, lunging every day benefits your leg muscles and helps strengthen yourself both mentally and physically. Beckman explains that he not only does it for the physical benefits, but also for the friendships and the mindset it produces.

What we do isn’t for everyone,” said Beckman. “Embracing the challenge really benefits your mindset for getting stronger and being able to overcome other adversities in life.”

Coach Austin Pink said that he wants to see more and more students come out to lunge.

We have had anywhere from 25 to 42 members of the lunge club so far, and we are hoping it continues to rise,” said Pink. “All Liberty High students are welcomed and encouraged to try it out.”

Beckman sees the progress he’s making and wants to contribute it all to his coaches and teachers.

“The Football coach, PE and Health teacher, and Austin Pink deserve all the credit for the creation of such a great program that not only produces stronger student-athletes but teaches boys and girls how to be better-rounded men and women,” said Beckman.


Sparkles is an inclusive cheerleading team made up of all different kids including those with physical and mental disabilities. According to Kiley Piercy, senior, they meet twice a week and their practice consists of fun games, cheers, and tumbling.

The best part of the club is the opportunity we are giving everyone. Sparkles gives everybody the chance to be involved and have fun. Watching everybody improve in their skills every week is so special,” said Piercy.

Members of the club try new things and everyone gets involved.

“Seeing the kids with big smiles on their face makes everything I do completely worth it,” said Piercy.


S.L.A.P., or Student Lead Active Productions, is a new club that offers opportunities for kids to express themselves through theater produced and directed by students. Elizabeth Davis, junior, started the club based on a similar club she participated in during her freshman year at West High School. Students audition, practice scenes, and produce shows without pressure; just for fun.

“It was one of the best things that got shy kids to maybe try out a low-key theater, and it was so much fun,” said Davis.

The S.L.A.P. kids play games and get theater pointers from older leaders. It’s more chill and laid back than an actual production show put on by the school. Everyone is free to join, even those without theater experience.

“We’re trying to encourage as many people as might be interested no matter what you usually participate in,” said Lila Panek, junior and co-leader. “Just want to get more kids involved in theater who normally wouldn’t try it.”


Gaming Club

Gaming club is a new club this year where kids can hang out, talk to other students, and of course play video games. Led and started by Cameron McKnight, sophomore, and Caden Schweitzer, sophomore, all Liberty students are welcome to participate. All different types of kids are involved, giving club members a chance to get to know others whom they might not had met otherwise. Schweitzer states this is the best part of the club to him.

“There’s a lot of people that I probably not had met before,” said Schweitzer.

Working towards improving their game skills, the club members hope to be part of a team to compete against other schools in a league.

“The first day everyone came and we had so many people, it was good to see the good turnout,” Schweitzer said about the first club meeting.

Interested in meeting new people or trying out a new video game? Gaming club meets Wednesdays after school and all are welcome.