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Liberty’s vending machines

Last year, students in Mark Langenfeld’s marketing class based their final project around vending machines. Now, the vending machines are here at Liberty. What can students expect in the future?
One out of the two vending machines has cooling capabilities for drinks.
Megan Quinn
One out of the two vending machines has cooling capabilities for drinks.

Before winter break, students were informed that Liberty would be receiving two vending machines. However, following this announcement, there was a delay in getting food and drinks in the vending machines. Luckily, students of Mark Langenfeld’s business classes were working through the details to get the vending machines up and running.

Seniors Dallas Panek and Philip Raiford led the charge in getting the vending machines. Currently, they stock the vending machines and keep up with the sales. 

“The biggest problem was getting permission from the school, and we had to call five different [vendors],” said Panek.  

Not only that, but the students also had to work their way around the law. While many students in the vending machine interest surveys indicated that they wanted candy and energy drinks to be put in the machines, the students were limited on what they could sell. Under current law, there are restrictions on sugar, caffeine, sodium and more. 

“[The students in marketing] had to make sure that everything [going in the vending machines] follows the Healthy Kids Act and all of the current guidelines,” Langenfeld added. 

Not only did the marketing students play a part in taking care of the vending machines, Langenfeld’s accounting students had to keep up with the books. While doing this, they look at the spending patterns of the students. 

“People have been buying the drinks like crazy… the best selling drinks would be the few sodas we are allowed to sell… as far as food goes, I think our overall best-sellers are any sort of spicy chips,” recalled Langenfeld.

As far as profits go, the students expect to pay off their debt by the end of the year. After that, the group plans on giving back to the BPA (Business Professionals of America) and the rest of the student population at Liberty. 

“By year three, most of our funds should just be going right back to the students… our goal is to be able to give some money back to [the] Liberty Fund to help them support all the clubs and activities,” said Langenfeld.

While there was some troubleshooting this year, the project was overall successful. However, the group plans to expand the options beyond food and drinks offered in the cafeteria. 

“Next year, we are getting a second vendor… so there’ll be more options, like lemonade,” said Panek.

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Megan Quinn
Megan Quinn, Editor-in-Chief
Megan is a senior at Liberty. This is her third year on staff and she is the editor-in-chief for the 2023-2024 school year. She is involved in theatre, mock trial, speech, and city government. In her free time, she likes to watch video essays and try new coffee shops.