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Class of 2024: a walk through memory lane

As the class of 2024 leaves Liberty forever, the memories they have made will last a lifetime.

Liberty’s Class of 2024 began their high school experience in a rather unconventional way: through a computer screen. Despite the initial unsureness with complex hybrid schedules, Zoom classes, and five-feet-apart tables, the class eventually got somewhat of a normal full high school experience. Now, just shy of four years later, the students are finishing in person, and leaving with memories that were luckily made in real life. 

With around 270 students, there are a variety of personalities, experiences and memories made. They walk across the stage on June 1, but before they do, there is a lot to reflect on over their time at Liberty High School.

Sam Robinson, 12, reflects on how beginning high school this way was a bit difficult. 

“It was a significant change that required us all to learn and adapt… Even during hybrid schooling, there were numerous necessary but upsetting rules that restricted us from having the ‘average’ high school experience, “ she said. 

There cannot be talk of the traditional high school experience without mentioning football. There is something about Friday Night Lights at a high school football stadium that cannot be replicated. Robinson talked about how her favorite memories were made during the football games.

Henry Maassen and Trey Schweitzer at the last concert of senior year for Liberty Choir. Picture used with photographer permission.

“There is something so lovely and special about being at a game where everyone is so full of energy. Showing up and showing out for the game themes, yelling the chants together in unison – it’s all exhilarating,“ she said.

For the 22’-23’ season, Liberty played in the Clash at Kinnick. It was a unique and special experience for people for a variety of reasons. 

Devin Anderson, 12, had the opportunity to play varsity last year during the game on the Hawkeye’s home field. The moment for him was big. 

“I remember after a play I looked up at the stands and it just sunk in that I was playing in Kinnick in front of thousands of people,” Anderson states.

Those who got to play band on the field also recalled it as a favorite memory. Carlee Wilkins, 12, participates in Liberty Band, and she holds the experience close for two reasons:

“It was obviously very fun beating our rivals but the most special moment was participating in the children’s hospital wave. Everyone had their flashlights out and it was a very emotional moment that I’ll never forget,” she said. 

 Whether it’s winning state volleyball or soccer, or getting the opportunity to participate in state meets or tournaments, these memories can last a lifetime. Kate Dominy, 12, has participated in the dance team for the past four years. Her favorite memory was attending nationals in Florida with the team this year. 

“I had a lot of fun, and it was nice to see all of our hard work being paid off, and in general, was a good way to end my dance team career,” Dominy said.

Although, favorite memories do not have to be these huge moments. Sometimes those little, unforgettable days can be nice to look back on. 

Jaden McCabe and her friends Sophia Brown, Anna Prieskorn, Sarah Robinson, and Paitynn VanderPol that she made at Liberty spending the day at Squire Point. Photo used with photographer permission.

Jaden Mcabe, 12, shared a day where she and her friends decided to play tennis in the rain,“We were supposed to have practice, but it got canceled due to the bad weather. Some friends and I still wanted to hangout, so we ended up playing anyway in the middle of a thunderstorm, and it ended up being a great time,” McCabe said.

Another student, Lily Harris, 12, noted how a little every-day tradition at school has made her happy.

“During second period, [my friend] Elaina and I sat next to each other, and we designated that period to be our time to do the New York Times games. [Then], at the end of the second trimester, we started doing the Washington Post crossword and we were so bad at it. But, it was so much fun to be bad at it together,” Harris said. 

Little things make the biggest differences for people, and enhance their time here. Like Lilly’s in-class memory, a huge part that makes the high school years better are classes people enjoy. 

“My favorite class was chemistry honors with Mrs. Ellickson. She’s been helpful to me in high school and beyond. She taught Chemistry so well, and had us do a ton of experiments,” noted Anderson. 

Lilly shared the common love for this class. 

Samantha Robinson,
Sarah Robinson, Elena Garcia, and Maya Marquardt show off smiles while getting ready for prom. Photo used with photographer permission.

“My favorite class would have to be Chemistry Honors… I was able to have fun and learn which I think is what makes a ‘good class’”, Harris said. 

Wilkins is also a science-lover, but also found enjoyment in classes like AP Government and AP US History. 

“I thought the content in these classes were so interesting and it made learning about it so easy. What made these classes my favorite were definitely the teachers, Ms Bonneau and Mr Shutt. Both of these teachers are amazing at their jobs and were so encouraging and helpful whenever I needed it, “ Wilkins said.

Liberty has a big musical art department, and many have found it to be the best class they chose to take. Trey Schweitzer has been in choir for the past four years and is truly grateful for its impact. 

“My favorite class of high school is easy[ily] choir. I was able to build some of my strongest friendships that lasted all through high school. Not only this, but the class is always enjoyable. It’s always been my favorite class of the day and what I look forward to each day,” said Schweitzer.

A big part of making a class enjoyable are the teachers. Brynee Slockett, 12, talks about how one of the things she will miss the most are the teachers:

“They’re so caring, and they actually care about you as people and not just as students. They try to make everyone feel welcome. I know a lot of my teachers have talked to me as a person and ask me how everything’s going and stuff like that. Or if I need help with anything,” Slockett said.

Devin Anderson’s favorite memory consisted of playing on the Kinnick field, which probably will not happen again for a long, long time. Photo used with photographer permission.

In-school hours contribute to only a portion of the highschool experience, but extracurriculars can also give people friends that will be there for years to come.

“I’m really grateful I started volunteering and joined different clubs like speech and garden club. It gave me the opportunity to get to know people and have something to do in my spare time that wasn’t school or laying at home,” said Harris.

As Liberty has grown, so have the opportunities for students to be involved, and the seniors this year have gotten to experience the addition of numerous clubs.

“I am so grateful that I joined several sports and clubs because that’s how I met and got closer to some of my best friends. Everyone always says that’s super important and they are definitely right. There’s clubs for almost everything so it’s such an easy way to meet people with similar interests,” said McCabe.

Even though high school is almost over for the seniors, memories will continue to be made by future classes. Easton Koller, 12, leaves a tip for all underclassmen and soon-to-be seniors.

“My best piece of advice is to realize that even what seems boring right now will end up being something you miss in the future,” Koller finished.

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