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A student’s guide to summer

Liberty students share how they make the most of the summer months.
Ashley Sabin
Lake destinations are popular for Liberty students, Ashley Sabin, 10, enjoys the beautiful scenery in Clear Lake, Iowa. (photo given with permission by Ashley Sabin)

Summer is right around the corner, with only six days left for underclassmen and two days left for seniors. Some students have been planning fun activities that they will be doing throughout the summer. 

There is lots to do locally in the North Liberty area, such as go to the Coralville Reservoir. Rebecca Matiyabo, 10, enjoys her summer outdoors.

“I like to read a lot in the summer. Whether in parks or by the lake, I always find myself reading a good book when I get bored. I also love to go on runs, or go hiking,” said Matiyabo. 

If you want to go hiking over the summer, our area has plenty of beautiful trails. Some are Squire Point Trail Head, Woodpecker Trail, Muddy Creek Preserve and many more. 

A good way to pass time over the summer is to hang out with friends. The North Liberty Aquatic Center is open from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. Spending time at the pool and relaxing is a fun way to begin your summer. 

Traveling is another great way to spend time during the summer. Students often go on vacations with their friends or family. 

During her summer break, Emerson Townsend, 10, vacations in Lake of the Ozarks, a reservoir in Missouri. 

“I tried really hard to get my boater license, so now that I have achieved my goal of getting a boater license. I cannot wait to go down to the Ozarks because I feel as if I have more freedom and can mostly do what I want,” said Townsend. 

Ashley Sabin, 10, is another student who finds herself vacationing with her family for the summer. 

“Clear Lake is a must-visit location for my family. We go down to see a lot of our extended family, and we have so much fun relaxing by the lake,” explained Sabin. 

Students are usually eager for summer break because they can relax and not have the burden of school. While others may want to have an activity-packed summer, some may be satisfied just sleeping in. Taking time to relax and be carefree about the upcoming school year can sometimes be the best thing to do. 

There are lots of things to do over the summer. Some may want to take a trip to Florida with a large group of people, and some may want to go grab ice cream with their friends, but remember to do the things that sound the most appealing to you, and have an awesome summer.

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Hadley Andersen, Reporter
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