Property Rites Coming to Liberty

Property Rites Coming to Liberty

Liberty Lightning Theater will be presenting their winter play, Property Rites by Alan Haehnel, next weekend. Property Rites’ plot revolves around robots which are meant to be used like computers. But, robots come to life and Kyle, the protagonist of the story must stop the robots. The robots must fight back to try to avoid being someone’s personal property. The play symbolizes patriarchy and that women shouldn’t be controlled by men. 

The director of the production at Liberty is Olivia Symmonds. Symmonds is new to Liberty Theater and is assisted by Alex Hoobie Schott, English teacher, with set production. The role of Kyle is played by Ryan Elmer, sophomore. 

Beau Leavenworth, junior, is Figure 13 in the upcoming play. He was also in last years rendition of Clue and the spring musical, Legally Blonde. 

“I joined the play because it is such a fun way to meet new people and spend your time doing something that is special and unique,” said Leavenworth. 

The performance will be Friday, December 13th at 7:00pm and Saturday December 14th at 7:00pm. Tickets will be sold at the door. Adults will be $10 and students $6. This is a production you won’t want to miss.