Fundraising Tips for Difference Makers

Being a part of Difference Makers means you have to fundraise for the big event. Read more for tips and tricks on how to fundraise the best way.

Liberty High has a large array of clubs, but one in particular has a unique mission. Difference Makers is a three-year-old student-led club with a mission to raise money for children with life-threatening diseases. 

Jenifer Secrist, a science teacher and advisor for Difference Makers, added that with the support of funds, every person can help to take care of “…Things families should not have to worry about when their priority is fighting for their child’s life.” 

Last year, fundraisers hosted by the club brought in the majority of revenue, but with people getting more comfortable fundraising on their own, the club’s earnings may no longer be dependent on school-hosted fundraisers. Whether it’s contacting businesses or going door-to-door each person can achieve high personal goals. When asked for advice about fundraising Secrist said, “Know your why!”

“Social media is so powerful and can help you raise money quickly, so utilize it!” said Ella Johnson, senior on the Difference Makers leadership committee. By using social media effectively, it makes it easier to reach out to a lot of people. By putting information out about a big event that many people are involved in, it will make others want to be involved too. 

“[…] Passion can be contagious,” said Secrist. All that has to be done is spreading the word to everyone and people will start reaching out. 

“Fundraising is the biggest part of Difference Makers,” said Claire Enyart, senior and leader of fundraising committee. Without fundraising, the club wouldn’t be able to carry out its mission. Donations are split between three companies, Fight With Flash Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The Fight With Flash Foundation contributes to adolescent and young adult research, a fairly new area of medical research. The Ronald McDonald House makes sure families have a place to stay while their children are at the hospital. They also cover food and sanitary products. The UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital not only researches life threatening diseases but also treats them. The money donated to them helps make sure all of those things can continue to happen. 

Are you interested in joining Difference Makers? You can start by coming to the meetings every Wednesday in Ms. Secrist’s room during either A or B lunch. You can also become a part of the club by joining the remind. Text @lhsdif to 81010 and you will receive messages about meetings, events, and other important information. 


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