Liberty High’s 3rd Annual Hair Drive

Student’s donate their hair and raise money for children fighting terminal illnesses along side Liberty High Difference Makers.

On Feb. 27,  25 students donated their hair for Liberty’s 3rd annual hair drive. Students’ hair donations go to the organization Children With Hair Loss, where their hair will be made into wigs for children who lose their hair from life threatening diseases. Difference Makers chose this organization specifically because they give children the wigs for free. 

When asked why students donated their hair Andrea Belding, sophomore, said  “I have a lot and some people have none, and it’s the right thing to do.”

The hair drive is a part of Liberty’s Dance for a Difference week. During this week, students raise money for various charities. 50% of the money goes to Stead Family Children’s Hospital, 25% goes to the Fight With Flash organization, and the last 25% goes to the Ronald McDonald house.



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