The all-online experience

At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, students chose between an all-online or hybrid schooling. Liberty students recount their experiences while being all-online.

It’s been a trimester. With second trimester beginning, students had to again choose how they’d like school: either all-online or hybrid. 330 Liberty students are enrolled in the online model, which is a good way for the students and families to stay safe while they are still able to be in school during the current pandemic.

“I’d rather do hybrid because I miss all of my teachers; [the] Liberty teachers are amazing. But I know it’s best for myself to do online,” Cynthia Shields, sophomore, said.

Staying motivated and being productive is something that changes day to day for me.”

— Bea Kaskie

Students enrolled in online school attend their Zoom classes every day and complete different assignments for each class. Though, online school may be difficult for some students and teachers because students aren’t in class learning the material.

“It can be extremely easy to fall behind. Staying motivated and being productive is something that changes day to day for me,” Bea Kaskie, junior, said.

While online learning at home may be good for people to stay well, it can also become a distraction. For some students, it may be surrounded by siblings or family members at home or other distractions like phones. Without being in a classroom there is no teacher watching what you are doing behind the screen.

Students in the online model have to be more responsible with their time and organization since students don’t have other students and teachers around them to help and remind them.

“If I consistently am stressing about due dates and learning certain material, I’m just going to burn myself out. I find that motivation comes from mindfulness,” Kaskie said.

Due dates and assignments get stressful for any student. This is where using a planner or phone to keep track of work helps.

“I keep all my assignments in my phone with the due dates. Then I find time to get homework done,” Shields, said.

Staying home while learning can still be tough on both teachers and students.

It’s harder for me to reach out for help when I don’t understand something.”

— Rosie Terry

“It’s harder for me to reach out for help when I don’t understand something. It’s much easier to ask in class in person because you know someone else probably has the same question. But when it’s just you alone [on Zoom, you] don’t want to annoy the teacher bothering them with questions all the time,” Rosie Terry, freshman, said.

With the 2020-2021 school year looking so different, it’s figuring out what works for you and your schedule to manage the workloads.

“Make a schedule for yourself, set goals, and always think of what the outcome will be if you get assignments done

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