What Records?

Breaking a record is pretty sweet, but breaking almost all of them, is better.


James Frantz

Ryan Schmierer sophomore, teeing off at Ellis Golf Course during a 9 hole meet.

The 2021 boys golf season was one for the books. This past season the team broke previous school records, set new ones, and broke those all in one season. 

The boys 18 hole low was set back in the 2018-2019 season. At the very first meet of the season, the boys had high hopes to do well. After playing all summer, they were ready to get back to high school competition. During the first meet, Tate Brunk, junior, came in with a 79, and 5 minutes later JJ Grimm, sophomore, came in with a 76. The old 18 hole record was 79, which was tied, and 5 minutes later it was broken with a 4 over par, 76. This was the first taste of breaking or tying records this year. Hard work from the past summer had finally come back to help the boys. 

“I’ve put in more hours at the course this past year, working harder and trying to get better,” stated Grimm. 

As the season continued along, the 9 hole meets did too. In the very first 9 hole meet of the year, the boys broke the 9 hole meet school record that was set in the 2019-2020 season, beating the record by 5. 

“I’ve finally been able to put in low scores this year,” said Ryan Schmierer, sophomore 

With breaking 2 records within the first 4 meets, the hopes were getting higher for the boys as the season went along.  

“As we got to know each other a lot better as the season went along, practices became more competitive and we got more out of it,” said Grimm. 

Coaching as the season went along made the boys better. The coaches set higher goals and expectations for the team to succeed.

“The team got better by eliminating the disaster hole, and making bogey or double as the worst score. The team pushed each other to get better, especially the battle we had for the 5-6 spot all year.” Co-head coach, Brian Wernimont. 

Setting higher expectations can either make or break a team. This season was a very good example of how it worked. After Grimm’s record-setting 76, a few weeks later, Brunk broke it yet again with a 2 over par, 73. This would be the last time that the 18 hole low would be broken for the year. 

“I’m most excited to hopefully make it to state, and post lower scores next year,” said Schmierer.

The 9 hole personal record that was set back in the 2019-2020 season was broken by Grimm this year with a 2 under par, 34. The hard work and dedication that this team has put toward the course is starting to pay off. The one big goal the team wanted to accomplish was to make it to state for the first time ever in program history.

JJ Grimm, sophomore, eyeing down his ball at Ellis Golf Course during a 9 hole meet. (Jalen Wieck)

The end of the season provoked a lot of reflection. Though the team didn’t meet their big goal of getting to state, there is a lot to look back on and improve on to be better for years to come. Breaking almost every single record that has been set in the past is a really big accomplishment. 

“Well I think we can do a lot of special things next year, we [have] a lot of hard workers on the team, and we are going to get a lot better,” said Schmierer. The next big step is to look forward to next year. The team is returning all 6 of its starters, with a bigger goal and ambition than this past year.


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