Updated: Travis Scott Concert Turns Deadly

On November 5th, 2021, eight people were killed during Travis Scott’s annual Astroworld Festival


The Come Up Show

Travis Scott performing at a 2014 show at the Opera House in Toronto, Canada. (Creative Commons image)

On November 5, 2021, a tragedy struck at a Travis Scott concert in Houston, Texas. There were 9 people between the ages of 14 and 27 at the concert who were pronounced dead, and many others who were injured. Sources say the family of at least one victim has filed a lawsuit against Travis and his crew.

Travis Scott is a globally known artist who has always been known for his “raging,” so it was no surprise when he held a concert with over 50,000 people. On Friday, November 5, fans of the famous rapper began showing up for his very popular Astroworld Festival. Several people who attended said that from their arrival, they sensed an odd energy. Before Travis even entered the stage, it was described as a very crowded environment. When the concert began, fans supposedly all began surging towards the stage, which was condensing people, making it an even more crowded environment, and throughout the concert it got worse. Many people attending the concert started having trouble breathing. People began passing out, and faced injuries due to being crushed in between and underneath other people. Some said that those around them were gasping for air, parents were lifting their children to keep them alive, all while Scott was feet away performing.

Lots of people who attended immediately knew something was off. People were claiming there were limited exits, the music playing was tiring and hypnotic, making them weary. Flashing lights filled the concert and Scott was on a platform above the fans. Some described the concert as feeling demonic.

Scott is under heat because his concert continued for about 40 minutes after disaster was proclaimed. The crowd began chanting and screaming for Scott to stop the show. Scott claims while he was performing he had no clue the severity of the situation, and he also said he brought attention to those who needed help whenever he saw it. People in the media say Travis should’ve ended the concert a lot earlier. Fans also have stated security seemed to do very little about the incident. Other artists have also shared their thoughts, Drake made a statement saying “My heart is broken.” Scott made a statement on instagram about the situation apologizing to the public, but many people say he could have said or done more.

Scott is a wildly popular musician, he’s had several number 1 hit songs, and has obtained many music awards over his career. Travis has also had a promotion with Fortnite, and his own burger at McDonalds. Many people are wondering how this concert will alter or change Scott’s life and career.

Quinn Cleary, sophomore, shared his thoughts about Scotts future.

“I think he will [recover], considering how big of an artist he is. There’s still millions of supporters of him, so I mean, I don’t think it’s gonna ruin his career or anything, but it’s definitely a setback,”said Cleary.

I think he will [recover], considering how big of an artist he is. There’s still millions of supporters of him, so I mean, I don’t think it’s gonna ruin his career or anything, but it’s definitely a setback.

— Quinn Cleary

On the other hand, Sam Harvey, senior, doesn’t believe he is recovering from this travesty,

“I just don’t think that there’s much recovery from this. You can’t bring back eight lives,” said Harvey.

Along with the deaths of 8 people and the many people who were hospitalized, many people who attended the concert will face long-term trauma. Much of Scott’s old fanbase is turning against him, his life and career are most definitely going to change, the mystery is whether that change will last forever.


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