Average Basketball League

In the second year of Liberty’s Average Basketball League, six teams were formed and they are ready to play.

The Liberty ABL (Average basketball league) logo used on the official Instagram.


The Liberty ABL (Average basketball league) logo used on the official Instagram.

Average basketball league (ABL), is an intramural league that allows students who do not play competitive or school basketball to still have a chance to play organized games. This is the second year that ABL has occurred at Liberty. Students sign up for the league and are then drafted by one of the 6 captains to a team. Team captains include seniors Luke Bollier, Evan Chandler, Jack Funke, Hayden Vickroy, Jack Turgasen and Noah Kirk. There are about 36 players and this allows for about 6 people per team. ABL is played 5 on 5 and has all other normal basketball rules.

Photo from the game on November 17th. (Tyler Moores)

There is an Instagram account for the ABL league where there are commentated livestreams of the games and there is also a stat book where all stats are recorded. Although it is not technically “competitive” basketball, players do take it very seriously and treat it as if it is a real basketball team. Senior ABL player, Ethan Bartachek, commented on the highly competitive nature of the league.

“It’s pretty competitive. There has been a lot of trash talk even [before games] started and people are game planning like a real basketball team,” said Bartachek.

Many of the ABL players are former competitive basketball players themselves and some have even played high school basketball before. According to Bartachek, ABL appeals to students because of the low time commitment.

“The one big thing that makes ABL appeal more to some people is that it is a league for people who might like playing basketball, but don’t like it enough to play everyday or aren’t able to make the commitment of playing on the actual basketball team,” says Bartachek.

Although ABL has seemed to be a success in the running so far, it has been difficult to get to this point when it comes to scheduling games, at times and places that work for everyone.
“I think a main challenge for the ABL is finding a time for games where every player is available to play. Also finding gym space is also difficult at times.” said Bollier.

Although scheduling has been a challenge, overall there is a general positive outlook on the program and hopes for success in the league.

The official ABL Instagram (ABL)

“I just hope that everyone can have fun in the league while also showing their competitive spirit. I also hope that everyone is able to mesh well together with their teammates and other players,” said Bartachek.

Almost all ABL players have high hopes for how the rest of the season will turn out for their teams.

“[Look out for] my team of course, there is always a chance of winning when we are on the court,” said Bartachek.

So far this season Bartachek’s team, B-Boys has gone 1-1.

“[Look out for] the Island Boys, Jack Funke is a walking bucket,” said Tate Brunk, junior.

Island Boys are currently 0-2.

“I think my team, the B-Boys, are a real dark horse this season. But the preseason favorite, team BM, is going to be tough to beat in my opinion,” said Bollier.

As the season progresses, there will eventually be playoff games where a league champion will be crowned.