Boys Basketball VS Dubuque Senior Recap

Last night, 12/14, the varsity boys basketball team faced Dubuque Senior.


Katie Tippet

Ja’Quez Hall, senior, dribbling the ball.

Last night, December 14th, the Liberty Varsity Boys Basketball team lost to Dubuque Senior after a tough game 28-62. The boys’ team had a rough start to their season because star player Da’Shon Fisher, 11, was out on injury. After last night, the team is 0-3. 

The first quarter started with Dubuque Senior in the lead. One specific game highlight includes Kalhan Handoo, grade 12, stealing the ball and driving down the court to assist a layup. The first quarter ended 6-17. 

The second quarter was similar to the first; A Dubuque Seniors player attempted to score but the ball was stolen by Antoine Tellis, grade 12. The second quarter ended 12-35. 

Quarter three kicked off with Tellis continuing the steals from Dubuque Senior. The third quarter ended 14-55. The student section could see the team’s defeat in view. The Bolts did score more points than Dubuque Senior in the fourth quarter with 14 in total.  Luke Ramsey, 11, scored the most but alas, Dubuque senior ended up with the win. 

The final stats end with Liberty at 28 points, 23 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, and 1 block. This Friday, the Bolts will take on the undefeated Cedar Rapids Prairie at Prairie High School at 7:30.


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