Battle of the Lunches

Liberty has three lunch periods split around fourth period. Which lunch is your favorite: A, B, or C?


Liberty High School

Liberty High Schools lunchroom where students report to during their lunch periods.

If we had the luxury of choosing a lunch period, which would be your choice: A, B, or C?

As the new trimester began, the debate about the most preferable lunch periods sparked again at Liberty. There are so many different pros and cons for each, that the choice may be impossible to make. 

The first lunch (A lunch) depending on the day, is at 11:39, 11:18, or 11:33. This has been a big complaint since it’s so early in the morning. A nutrition researcher at the Harvard University School of Public Health conducted an experiment that shows that when students have lunch periods at noon, they ate 6% more food than students who had early lunch periods, and 14% percent more food than students with late lunches

I have heard from many people that say they feel like they just ate breakfast and it’s practically still morning. 

Stella Mccullough, sophomore, said, “1st lunch is bad because you’re not hungry yet when you have lunch and then you’re hungry after because you have a long time until you go home.”

Although, some people skip breakfast and are already hungry by this time in the morning, so having lunch then is no problem. Others also bring snacks during the day, so later in the day, they can appease their hunger. 

Another perk is that the food is fully stocked in the morning, and then B and C have to choose with what is left. 

Elizabeth Barnett, senior, said, “A lunch is the best lunch because there are the most food options available.”

In addition, because no one has eaten yet, the tables and floors are much cleaner. 

Then there is B lunch aka the split lunch. B lunch is in the smack-dab middle of the day, which is the recommended time for lunch. 

Mccullough said, “B lunch is perfect because it is just in the middle of the day”

Many students and teachers do not prefer the split class of B lunch, because it can be very disruptive. It could be difficult to get back in the groove of where you left off before leaving. 

The teachers have the option of sending their students to A or C lunch if they have a test and do not want to split their period, but it could be hard to find places to sit in this circumstance.

Liz Barnett

 On the other hand, students find that the split period is a positive. I have heard many people say that it then feels shorter, which is a nice perk. 

Maddie Casey, freshman, said, “I liked going to class for a short period of time, and then having a break with lunch. Sometimes classes can seem like they go on forever and people start to lose focus. Having lunch in between may help with that.”

But what about C lunch? The last lunch of the day can feel like a millennium away. I feel like I am starving by the time I get to this lunch. Many do not want lunch super early but neither do they want it too late. 

Maddie Casey said, “C lunch is the latest lunchtime and I think that would be the biggest drawback.”

Fourth period sometimes feels like forever and it can be hard to focus when you are hungry during that class. At that point, all people may think about are the minutes left till they can eat. Then there is not enough food left for them, keeping the hunger alive. 

C lunch can make the day feel shorter, because there is less class after. That does not take away the fact that the morning is longer. That comes to the student and whether the long morning or afternoon is more preferable.

No lunch is perfect, there are both negatives and positives with each period. It is hard to come to an exact conclusion to which is best. LibertyLiveWire hosted a poll on Instagram that showed A being the favorite: 42% voted A, 30% voted B, and 27% voted C. Which one is your favorite?

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