Liberty Time Schedule Change

As of February 7, 2022, the Liberty Time schedule has been updated.


Chante Hardaway

Photo of Liberty students during their class periods.

In an email sent out on Monday February 7th, Liberty principal Justin Colbert announced that an extra Liberty Time day would be added for the remaining trimester.

“During these final three weeks, Liberty Time can be the difference between a student earning credit or not in a particular class. I also want to provide some reminders on our Liberty Time process,” stated Colbert in the email.

Colbert also announced in the email that starting this week, Liberty will run a Liberty Time bell schedule Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday for the rest of the trimester. This schedule change was made to allow teachers to have more time to help students catch up or finish work for the end of the trimester.

“Teachers should support students scheduled in their Liberty Time, but should also request additional students to come to their Liberty Time,” said Colbert to teachers. “The requesting teacher should provide a pass to the student they are requesting. The requested student will check in with their LT teacher for attendance purposes, and then travel immediately to the teacher’s classroom who requested them. The student remains in that location for the remainder of Liberty Time.”

Colbert conducted a survey for teachers on what their preferences are for the rest of the trimester. 24.5% selected no preference, 34% chose no change, and 41.5% chose to add an additional Liberty Time period on Wednesdays, therefore leading to the extra Liberty Time being added.

This change is starting today, February 7th, and will continue for the rest of the trimester so make sure to report to your Liberty Time class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays!

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