Healthy Summer Habits

A guide to keeping yourself healthy over summer break.

Its important to wear sunscreen daily, not just when youre at the beach.

It’s important to wear sunscreen daily, not just when you’re at the beach.

Summer is approaching which means warm weather and fun in the sun; however, that can also mean sunburns, dried hair, and vision strain. Even though summertime and its heat can have consequences. That doesn’t mean people need to hide from the sun. It’s important to know how to properly care for yourself as the season changes so you can have a fun and healthy summer! 


Eyes may not be one of the main things you think about keeping healthy, but your eyes are very important.The sun’s bright light can damage your eyes long term, even if you aren’t looking directly at it. Swimming in chlorine pools can also cause irritation and redness in the eyes. 

The biggest thing you can do to keep your eyes healthy is wear sunglasses. If you’re outside and can’t wear sunglasses for some reason, a hat with shade also helps. Goggles can also help a lot when swimming. Swimming in pools can cause irritation in the eyes, and lakes have bacteria that could cause infection in eyes. 


Your skin is probably the most important part of your body to keep healthy throughout the summer. The sun and heat can be especially damaging to your skin. In the summer, skin can get very oily and sweaty, making it more prone to acne. Intense UV rays can also result in rashes and sunburns, which can have long-term effects such as skin cancer. 

One of the biggest things you can do to keep your skin healthy is to wear sunscreen when your skin is exposed to the sun. Having a good skincare routine can also be very beneficial. Exfoliating, washing, and moisturizing your skin can help with oily skin and preventing acne. Avoiding heavy makeup can also prevent oily skin. Additionally, drinking a lot of water is important because of how much people often sweat in the summer. 


The sun can also have a negative impact on your hair if you aren’t treating it right. It can make your hair dry and damaged, which can cause it to frizz up. Wearing hats when you’re outside can help protect your hair from sun damage. Making sure to trim your hair frequently enough is also good for keeping hair healthy.

Mental Health: 

Generally, mental health is better in the summer. But for some people, not having as much structure can hurt mental health. During the summer, it’s good to spend at least some time outside. Being in the sun can increase levels of serotonin. The fresh scents of summer and bright colors can also help boost the mood tremendously. Being active can also extremely help your mental health.

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