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Good news from 2023 that you may have missed

Good news can be hard to find in today’s media. Here are 10 pieces of good news from 2023 that you might not have heard about.
Many changes have been made across the world to reduce the climate crisis happening.
Madelyn Johnson
Many changes have been made across the world to reduce the climate crisis happening.

2023 was a tough year. Wars raged in countries including Ukraine, Gaza, and Sudan. The climate crisis is continually worsening. Inequality seems to be running rampant. With all of these issues hanging over people’s heads, it can sometimes be difficult to see the small steps being taken in order to achieve a better future. Baby steps are still progress. Here are 10 good things that you might not have heard about that happened in 2023. 

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld one of America’s strongest animal welfare acts. In 2018, Californians voted to pass Proposition 12, a law that requires most of the eggs, pork, and veal sold in the state to come from animals that have more space on factory farms. But in 2023, pork producers sued the state of California to repeal the law. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court. With a conservative majority, most people believed the court would rule in favor of the pork producers, but they didn’t. With a 5-4 ruling, the court upheld Proposition 12. This represents the progress towards working for animal welfare laws. 

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved, for the first time ever, a gene editing treatment that could eventually cure sickle cell disease (SCD). SCD is a blood disorder that restricts blood flow, causing severe pain and organ damage. Prior to the approval, the only cure was a bone marrow transplant procedure that kills up to 20% of the patients. The approval provides hope for individuals living with SCD.

Mexico decriminalized abortion, eliminating all criminal penalties at the federal level for those seeking an abortion. This follows a wave of feminism and women’s rights discussions across all of Latin America. This law will allow women in Mexico to have access to safe abortions. 

On May 11th, 2023 the World Health Organization announced that the coronavirus no longer fits the criteria to be classified as a global health emergency. While it is still being classified as a pandemic, this represents a turning point towards the world moving past Covid-19.

The child mortality rate is at the lowest ever recorded, due to advances in healthcare and technology. This is a huge win for the 3rd world countries of our world. 

World Happiness Numbers are up world-wide following the Covid-19 pandemic. Surprisingly, according to a 2023 study, the human population is happier post-pandemic than pre-pandemic. Researchers think this is due to a sense of unity brought about by the pandemic. 

An Indigenous community in Ecuador won a lawsuit to regain ancestral land after almost 80 years. Displaced due to war in the 1940s, the Slekopal people have been fighting for their land back for many years. This win helps preserve the communities culture, as well as protect native lands. 

Women now have the right to vote in every single country that allows their citizens to vote. In 2023, the Vatican City made the decision to allow women to vote, meaning that women now have the right to vote in every country that practices democracy. 

Both Mexican political parties nominated a woman as their nominee for their national election, meaning that Mexico will have their first ever female president. With Mexico having a deep rooted history of crime and corruption within top political figures, many hope this can be a turning point in Mexico’s history.  

Australia rejected a proposal to implement a new coal mine next to The Great Barrier Reef due to risk of “irreversible damage.” The decision comes at a time of high stakes due to the heightening climate crisis. 

In a world of sadness and frustration, sometimes good news can be a breath of fresh air. While 2023 had its fair share of negative moments, there are also many positives to consider as well.

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