Spiritual Practices at Liberty

The definition of spirituality is the recognition of a feeling or sense of belief that there is something greater than oneself. Spirituality is gaining popularity among Liberty students.


Jordyn Smith

Jordyn Smith’s crystals that she uses to practice spirituality on a daily basis.

Spirituality has been growing in popularity over the years. Spirituality can include a variety of practices such as meditation, manifestation, crystals, prayer, astrology, etc. The central purpose of practicing spirituality is to seek a higher meaning in and with yourself, but it has also been said to improve health, attention, learning, and thinking.  

But what actually is spirituality? Keira McKnight, sophomore, explained what spirituality means to her. 

“To me, it [spirituality] isn’t believing in something by chance, but by choice. We have the ability to pick what we believe in/follow. We embrace what aligns with our morals and values, and what ultimately brings us comfort.” 

Chloe Oppelt, senior, shared how her definition of spirituality is different from others.

“I think spirituality is different for everyone and I don’t think a lot of people understand that. It doesn’t have to be the same for everyone and part of the reason it is so popular is because there isn’t just one way to do it. I think it’s more common now than it used to be, and I also think it’s more accepted today than it used to be,” she explained.

 Karis Patton, senior, also explained her thoughts on spirituality. 

[I believe that it is] believing and trusting in the universe, trusting that everything happens for a reason, and trusting in yourself in a way.

— Karis Patton

Crystals have been used for centuries. Ancient Egyptians used crystals for jewelry, but they were also used for their healing properties. Crystals are still widely popular among younger generations and are commonly used for healing and meditation. Oppelt shared her thoughts on using crystals as a part of spirituality

“I really like crystals. I have some that I carry with me sometimes and I also have some bracelets and earrings that have crystals on them so those are really good to wear around. I think that they do help and I think a lot of why crystals are so popular is because of that jewelry element. They are really pretty so you are able to wear them as jewelry and they help you at the same time so you can look and feel good.”

A more modern practice of spirituality is astrology. Astrology is the study of the movement of stars and events in space, and how they affect human behaviors and the current world. Astrology has also been used for a while, it originated in Babylon, and spread throughout the eastern Mediterranean and Egypt. Astrology has become more modern, there are now apps and online horoscopes available with modern technology. The idea of astrology is to give an individual a personal look at the path of their life. Patton shared how astrology has impacted her and how she sees things.

Chloe Oppelt

“I think astrology especially has helped me understand myself and the way I go about my life, think of things, interact with people, and react to situations. I can kind of understand my emotions by looking into my horoscope,” she explained.

Meditation is another vastly popular spiritual practice. Meditation takes place all around the world and it’s been shown to have many benefits, including reduction in anxiety, PTSD, depression, stress, and insomnia. The idea of meditation is to discover deeper into who you are. The process of meditating involves finding a comfortable position, acknowledging and experiencing your thoughts, prayer and manifestation, and reflecting. McKnight commonly practices meditation and shared her meditation habits. 

“I meditate a few times a month. I do some basic yoga exercises and focus on my breathing and mentally check in with myself by thinking about what I’m struggling with and how to let go. There is not one way to meditate, meditation can take place in many forms.”

Spirituality, and the many practices that come with it, have surrounded our world and culture. There are many different forms of spirituality we see around us such as astrology, meditation, crystals, manifestation. Spirituality focuses on the person practicing it and the universe, as well as how they connect. Spirituality has played a role in the lives of several Liberty High School Students, as well as the lives of people with different cultures around the world. As the popularity of spirituality keeps growing, more people are bound to practice it and the concept will keep evolving. There is not one set way that you have to practice this, the main point is connecting with yourself and from there, you can discover what works best for you in the world of spirituality.

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