Music Taste at Liberty

Liberty students listen to music daily, but what types of music are they listening to?


Rosie Terry

Liberty students listen to music daily, but what types of music are they listening to?

Music is a constant in people’s lives. If you walk down the halls at Liberty, you’ll see student after student with some sort of headphones or earbuds in. In classes, they may be using them during work-time, or even during lectures. If you’re like me, you may wonder what all these students are listening to. There’s over a thousand kids at Liberty, and many of them wear headphones during some part of the day, but what type of music are they listening to? 

I’ve found that there isn’t a specific answer. Liberty has a diverse student body, and an even more diverse taste of music. Some bolts listen to the sharp tune of rap, while others enjoy the smooth melody of jazz music. For this article, I decided to interview three Liberty students with vastly different music tastes.

Ridley Hazeltine’s, sophomore, favorite genre of music is American Rock and Alternative. They listen to bands like Fleetwood Mac and Red Hot Chili Peppers daily. Fleetwood Mac in particular is very important to Hazeltine, bringing back memories dear to their heart. 

“It reminds me of being in the car with my dad,” said Hazeltine. Fleetwood Mac was first introduced to them by their dad when they were younger, and became a favorite because of that. Throughout the day, Hazeltine listens to them at school. 

“I have my airpods in most of the time, even if the teacher’s talking,” states Hazeltine, adding that they tend to use it as background noise during class. “If I have to say something, I’ll take them out, but most of the time they’re [the airpods] are in.” they explain. Hazeltine’s favorite song by Fleetwood Mac is “Gold Dust Woman” because of its catchy tune.

Liberty students favorite music artists to listen to (Rosie Terry)

Ryan Bys, senior, enjoys the fast paced music that artist, Doja Cat, raps. “I really like the energy [of Doja Cats songs]” he explained. Bys discovered Doja Cat through TikTok, a popular music video app. Her hit song, “Say So”, was the first song Bys listened to of hers. He rarely listens to her throughout the school day though. Even though Bys loves Doja Cat, rap isn’t his favorite genre of music. He loves pop, but also listens to Rap and R&B daily. A song Bys would recommend to you is “Need to Know” by Doja Cat because it’s “Iconic, fun, and happy.”

Leah Wagner, junior, has a very strong connection to her favorite indie- pop band, Days Or May.  “They rock really hard,” she explained, adding on that, “they also put deeper meaning into their music,” which is the main reason why Wagner likes them so much. “They got me through a lot over the past few summers.” she explained. But even during the school year, Wagner listens to Days or May and other indie pop daily. 

“I [listen to music] anytime we have work time in classes,” Wagner said. Her favorite song that she listens to throughout the day is “Desolation Sound” by Days Or May, and encourages everyone to listen to it. 

Overall, Bolt’s music taste varies from person to person, The school is filled with lots of unique people that have an array of different music artists and genres listened to daily. Along with Days Or May, Fleetwood Mac, and Doja Cat, here are some other artists people listen to at Liberty.

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